About The Crossroads Program:
A Drug & Alcohol Treatment Program for Teens

The Crossroads Program’s Staff

Substance Abuse Treatment for Teens in MissouriThe Crossroads Program is staffed by talented and dedicated counselors, many who are themselves recovering addicts who work uncompromised 12 step programs. In addition to personal experience, our experienced staff members in substance abuse counseling and are highly effective in working with adolescents and young adult substance abusers. They are able to share their own personal experience with recovery to help guide young people into a sober lifestyle. The Crossroads program’s counselors are both trained and certified and provide many additional services including: individual and family counseling, assessments and referrals, crisis intervention, speaking engagements, trainings, and drug and alcohol education.

Below is an introduction to our senior staff

Amy L. Weiland CRADC, ICADC, CRPS, CPS – Chesterfield, Columbia, Kansas City MO
Certified Reciprocal Substance Abuse Counselor, Internationally Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor, Certified Reciprocal Prevention Specialist, Certified Prevention Specialist (Kansas)
Program Director / Owner

Mike Weiland CRADC, ICADC, CRPS - Chesterfield, Columbia, Kansas City MO
Certified Reciprocal Substance Abuse Counselor, Internationally Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor

Bob Hicks- BA Chesterfield, MO
Senior Counselor, Support group counselor

Nick Pefanis- CRADC, CRPS Columbia, MO
Certified Reciprocal Substance Abuse Counselor
Senior Counselor

David RobertsCRADC, ICADC, CRPS, CPS Kansas City, MO
Certified Reciprocal Substance Abuse Counselor, Internationally Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor, Certified Reciprocal Prevention Specialist, Certified Prevention Specialist (Kansas)
Senior Counselor

Lee Lockwood, MSW, LCSW
Treatment Supervisor

About the Owners

The Crossroads Program is owned and operated by Amy and Michael Weiland.

Michael and Amy have been married since 2003 and live in the metropolitan St. Louis area. Having both been fortunate enough to have enter recovery at the age of eighteen, they work together to help others achieve recovery from drugs and alcohol.

Teen Substance Abuse Counselors for Drug and Alcohol TreatmentMichael is a certified substance abuse counselor with more than twenty-two years of experience helping young people and their families, he has worked in outpatient, in-patient and residential settings. Michael sobered up at an residential treatment facility whose shares The Crossroad’s Program enthusiastic approach to sobriety (the equivalent to today’s Step Two Recovery treatment centers. He then moved to Phoenix, Arizona and entered outpatient treatment at The Pathway Program. After becoming stable in his own recovery, Michael sought to give back what had been so freely given to him. He received training, in young adult and adolescent drug abuse treatment, and returned back to Phoenix to work for The Pathway Program, where he eventually became the program’s Senior Counselor. In 1997, Michael moved to St. Louis, and began working for Frank Szachta, who at the time was the owner/ director of  The Crossroads Program (He is now the owner/ director of The Cornerstone Program, located near Denver, Colorado). Initially, Michael ran the Intensive Outpatient program, and in the following years, quickly earned the title of the Senior Counselor to the largest group of teenagers (ages 13-17) in St. Louis.

In 2007, he became the Director of the Crossroads Program in St. Louis, Columbia, and Kansas City Missouri. Although being based in St. Louis, he travels often to each city to ensure he has a quality rapport with all our young people and their families. Michael has helped thousands of young adults and their families to find sobriety. He is active with PIE (Partners In Education) where he is known as the “drug guy” because of his frequent outreach talks in the Rockwood, Parkway, and Columbia school districts. Mike combines humor with real life experiences /consequences striving to meet the students where they are at developmentally. Many students have found their way into recovery as a result of his talks at their school. Michael also facilitates in-service and out service training’s to professionals across Missouri as well as Atlanta, Georgia.

Amy is a certified substance abuse counselor with over 21 years of experience working with young people and their families. Amy is from Houston, Texas where she was introduced to the Palmer Drug Abuse Program (PDAP) before later getting sober at the Insight Program in Atlanta, Ga. It was here that she found her passion for helping others who struggle with drug abuse. Following the passion, she became an Intensive Outpatient Counselor and later moved to St. Louis in 1995. She later became the Administrator and high-school support counselor for The Crossroads Program in 1997. Because of this work with area high schools, Amy worked with Ken Mcmanus LPC to start the Rockwood School District’s “second chances” program, facilitating this program for 3 years.

Amy is currently the Director for The Crossroads Program. Amy teaches all over Missouri and Atlanta, Georgia to other professionals in topics ranging from Adolescent Treatment to Ethics. Amy actively works with PIE and several drug-free coalitions in Missouri, Including Alliance for Healthy Communities in the Parkway School District, Rockwood Drug Free Coalition in the Rockwood School District, and C.R.U.S.H. (Community Resources United to Stop Heroin). She also helped coordinate the Missouri’s “Marijuana Educational Tour” with Dr. Christian Thurstone with Think Again MO in 2014.  Amy became the director of The Crossroads Program in 2017.

Both Michael and Amy are dedicated and passionate about recovery. They are committed to providing the best drug and alcohol programs for adolescents/young adults and their families. They work constantly, creating opportunities for young people and their families to find healthier, more satisfying lifestyles other than the continued use of mind-changing chemicals. They know that if young person can learn to be joyful and confident without the use of substances, they will enjoy bright and successful lives.